TAG is a proud veteran owned company that was started with the vision of helping fellow veterans that are struggling with PTSD. The primary objective when creating TAG was to spread awareness to the ongoing battles our veterans are going through with PTSD.

  • How can TAG help Veterans battling PTSD?

    TAG donates a portion of all proceeds once a quarter to organizations and causes that are designed to benefit our U.S. veterans and active duty service members that are battling PTSD.

  • Okay, but why soap?

    When a fragrance travels through the nose to the brain, it releases feel-good endorphins and serotonin. These can improve both mood and mental clarity of the user while easing their tension.

  • Mission Statement

    TAG’s mission is to accelerate society’s understanding of
    how the veteran community is facing PTSD, by sponsoring, producing, and selling
    high-quality products in order to donate a portion of all proceeds to veteran
    charities and organizations that have a sole purpose to benefit veterans
    battling PTSD.


  • Fact 1:

    An estimated 30,177 active duty servicemmbers and veterans from the post 9/11 wars have died
    by suicide, significantly more than the 7,057 service members killed in post-9/11 war operations.

  • Fact 2:

    According to VA, experts estimate that up to 20% of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans, up to 10% of Gulf War veterans, and up to 30% of Vietnam War veterans have experienced PTSD Consequently, demand for PTSD treatment continues to grow.

  • Fact 3 :

    PTSD starts with a threat of “actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence.” Threats of violence don’t have to happen directly to you for you to experience PTSD.